The Breedings

Willie Breeding writes classic country songs––emotional and boozy, melodic and catchy––while his sister Erin makes them her own with a formidable voice, uniquely fitted for tragedy and perfectly suited for the lovesick. Fayette is a demonstration of this symbiosis, seemingly effortless, with ten songs the listener is as likely to consume on a Saturday night with drinks as the next morning with the resulting remorse and coffee.

The Breedings hail from Lexington, KY, and both spent some years in the Northeast — Erin in Boston and Willie in Brooklyn — separate, but never far from one another. Although Erin had been lending her vocals to Willie’s records and live shows for years, the two decided to create The Breedings in 2009 because they’d have been remiss not to. Erin consistently punctuates Willie’s music with a perspective he couldn’t possibly capture solo, and their voices complement one another in the way only siblings’ voices can: unfairly. Drawing from two entirely different sets of musical influences, they came together in the studio to try and capture their sound. Taking full advantage, the duo experimented with a more rock-n-roll production on their debut record, Laughing at Luck. In early 2012, The Breedings went back into the studio looking for a more honest, raw sound, finally arriving at the perfect melding of their talents in Fayette, an album more classic country than classic rock, but just as pretty, heartbreaking and tuneful as either.

Fayette was produced by Duane Lundy (Ben Sollee, Cheyenne Marie Mize) and The Breedings and was mastered by Jim DeMain (Robert Plant, Vince Gill) at Yes Master Studios. The Breedings currently reside in Nashville, TN and play live shows throughout the Midwest and across the East Coast.


“The deceptively simple songs combine robust melodies with unassuming arrangements and the Breedings’ wonderful vocals for a charming Americana album that’s as unpretentious and sincere as the band’s name.”
-American Songwriter

“A heady mix of classic country styles with passionate sibling harmonies”
-Maverick Magazine

“Polished and professional…an impressive offering.”
-Kentucky Monthly